Data Center Relocation Consulting


The Data Center Relocation Consulting follows a methodology that is proven so as to make sure that your data center relocation as well as information technology transformation goals are attained with minimum risk and downtime. By means of using the transition manager, the purpose built tool for the planning and execution, migration analysis, the professional consultants ha finished the most intricate virtual, physical as well as hybrid data center relocations or IT transformations. For a lot of IT executives, the main data center relocation or transformation is an event that is so rare. For a lot, their most pressing inquiry is, “what should is be asking now?”

A lot of companies have successfully relocated the data center colocation without any external help. A couple of them would turn to the outside professionals such as TDS so as to accelerate the project, decrease the risk as well as prevent any overloading internal resources. Still, there are some who engage with a partner for certain pieces of projects. On the other hand, of where you are on the continuum, the data center relocation professionals can be of great help.

Since 2002, the experts in data center relocation has successfully relocated a great deal of data centers across the North America and as well as internationally. Through these a lot of consolidation, relocation and migration projects, they have found out that there are three main elements to each and every successful relocation project such as a spotless runbook – the minute by minute move day plan for all of the migration activities, a comprehensive knowledge and understanding on the asset of interdependencies, and a precise inventory of all the servers, storage, applications and other assets included. Watch to understand more about data centers.

Physical data center relocation – specific tips for a smooth migration

The professionals of data center relocation methodology follows a certain process in order to make sure a successful and smooth data center relocation events are done. An extensive documentation and assessment of the source data center for at least 2 weeks before the scheduled move data. All of the server associated data entered in a purpose built system which lets for a simple creation of unrack as well as re-ack plans and rack increase diagrams to serve as working plans for the engineers. Lastly, the bar code tagging of the servers that are scheduled to move at least two weeks before the scheduled move date, visit website here!

The data center relocation is beneficial if done by an expert.


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